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Since the creation of bitcoin in 2008, many other cryptocurrencies (altcoins & meta coins), and tokens have been created, there are more than 5000 of them to date! It has also developed fund-raising in crypto-currencies (ICOs), trading platforms, robots, and artificial intelligence associated with trading in crypto-currencies, 2.0 or 3.0 blockchains with smart contracts, decentralized finance (Defi)… It is a whole ecosystem with many players, each with their own particularities, that has developed. Neoconomia will help you to see clearly and understand the role and interest of all market players.

New opportunities arise every day

In 2017, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has raised close to $3 billion for a multitude of projects using Blockchain technology. While many of the projects turned out to be failures or scams, some allowed many individuals to participate in forward-thinking, high-paying projects! These opportunities still exist and will continue to do so in the years to come with the advent of Blockchain technology. Today it is possible to have a remunerated account in crypto-currency, thanks to stacking or decentralized finance! And this, without needing your banker!

Master the different ways of positioning yourself on the market
The Neoconomia training courses will allow you to :

  • To understand the role of each protagonist in the crypto-economic market;
  • To properly analyse ICO projects;
  • To know how to invest in the different media by understanding the potential risk/return ratios;
  • Stay informed about relevant projects in development and potential opportunities. You will have access to Neoconomia’s know-how and analysis, and will be supported to avoid as much as possible the risks linked to the crytpo ecosystem.

How to buy bitcoin?

The first step to buy Bitcoin is to open an account on a site to buy or sell Bitcoin (an exchange, such as Coinbase, Kraken or ZeBitcoin…), then check your account by uploading a scan of your ID card (or other ID) and proof of address. This operation generally takes a few hours to be validated by the site in question. Once your account has been validated, you will be able to fund your account in cash by bank transfer or credit card. Note that in the case of a bank transfer, if the amount is large, your banker will ask you a few questions (even if it is none of his business). Some platforms offer SEPA transfers with European banks, which is the preferred choice. Note that Coinbase has just authorised withdrawals directly to users’ Paypal accounts, but not (yet?) supplies. Once the money is available on the exchange platform, you buy crypto-money by converting your euros/US$ into bitcoin, ether or litecoin. In fact, you will then have a bitcoin or other address, which will be allocated to you to send and receive crypto-money. As a reminder, sending crypto-money from an electronic wallet is irreversible, so be very careful when carrying out your operations. Be vigilant, a bitcoin wallet on an exchange is not 100% secure, in fact, you do not have the private key of your bitcoin wallet, so you do not have control over your funds. Ideally, once purchased, we advise you to take your wallet out of the exchange. There are of course other ways to buy Bitcoin, for example, by going to “Coinhouse” (formerly “La maison du bitcoin”, in Paris) or by buying btc coupons from the tobacconists who offer them. Finally, there is still a solution for acquiring bitcoin, undermining and earning btc rewards.

How to spend your crypto-money directly

To do this, you can go to sites or physical shops that accept BTC as a means of payment: See the map.
The customer will then be able to send from his address, with his smartphone, for example, the bitcoin fund to make his purchase. Another solution is to use a prepaid card (withdrawal card & payment card) which can be loaded in BTC converted directly into euros.
Don’t forget one thing, crypto-currencies are volatile and many players come to speculate and trade on this market, never buy at the highest price and never use the money you need to live!

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