Where to use crypto money in everyday life?

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Are you interested in crypto money, not just for its volatility and the optimization of your investment, but as a real currency, to be spent in the real economy? Today, it is possible to use your assets in different countries around the world to pay for services ranging from tourism to real estate to electricity.

While Bitcoin remains today the most widely accepted cryptomony in real life, the uses of other crypto’s are developing in parallel. An overview of the uses of cryptomoney in everyday life.

Where to spend your cryptomoney in the world?
San Francisco, USA: not surprisingly, the city where many technology companies are based is fond of new technologies. It is one of the most “crypto-friendly” cities in the world, with a large number of hotels and restaurants accepting cryptoskills as a means of payment, especially Bitcoin. To make it easier to recognise these places, maps such as Coinmap list the addresses that accept crypto.
Berlin, Germany: why not pay for your studies in cryptomoney? The European School of Management and Technology, a renowned university in Berlin, allows students to pay their tuition fees directly in cryptography. And it’s not limited to Bitcoin: ether, litecoin and dash are also accepted!
Tokyo, Japan: Thousands of shops in Japan now accept payments in crypto, including Bitcoin. Bic Camera, one of the largest electronics shop chains in Japan, is now attracting customers by accepting Bitcoin payments in all its shops.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates: the company Aston Plaza Crypto has launched the construction of 2 high-rise residential buildings and a shopping centre in 2017 in Dubai. What makes them special? The flats can be paid for directly in Bitcoin by the future owners!
Amsterdam, Netherlands: in Amsterdam, the city of bicycles, what could be more natural than renting one to visit the city? It is now possible to do so in cryptomony: the company Starbikes allows its customers to use Bitcoin as a means of payment.

aint-Petersburg, Russia: going to the gym by paying in Bitcoin has been possible since last year in Russia! The NanoFitness cinema chain has decided to generalise this means of payment to all its cinemas to adapt to fintech innovations.
Hannover, Germany: In Germany, it is not only Berlin that counts when it comes to being able to pay for everyday services in crypto. In Hannover, the company Enercity enables users to pay their electricity bills directly in Bitcoin.
The Hague, Netherlands: Around the Hague Canal you can walk around in peace and quiet and go to any shop with your Bitcoin. This is indeed the first “Bitcoin boulevard” to have been created in the world: two canal streets where all restaurants and shops accept Bitcoin.
London, United Kingdom: the Londox Block Exchange company announced in 2017 the launch of its Visa card, the Dragoncard, which allows you to pay in cryptomony in all shops. The system converts the crypto directly into pounds sterling, while withdrawing the equivalent amount in crypto from the user’s wallet. This works for bitcoin, but also for ether, ripple and litecoin.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The Dubai authorities have announced the launch of their own crypto, EmCash, which will allow citizens to pay for public and private services directly in cryptoactives (school fees, electricity, coffee …).
Some companies go beyond the national territory and offer payments in cryptography in all countries of the world where they are available. This is the case of Expedia for example, a specialist in online travel sales, which has been accepting payments in Bitcoin for several years now. Computer giants such as Dell and Microsoft also allow the payment of computer hardware in crypto, as well as the payment of applications (for the Xbox store for example). Gyft, a company specialising in gift cards, also accepts payments in Bitcoin. The vouchers generated can then be spent in a wide network of partners. Even NGOs are getting involved: the American Red Cross, for example, accepts donations in Bitcoin!

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