Who created Bitcoin and Why?

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The inventor of Bitcoin was Satoshi Nakamoto. It is actually a pseudonym whose identity arouses curiosity. There are even rumors of a group of several people hiding behind this alias.

The inventor of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto, who explains his project in a white paper published in 2008. In it, he describes, among other things, how to create Bitcoin. A year later, his project moves from theory to practice.

What is his background?
It is impossible to describe the career of the man who created Bitcoin, as he cannot be precisely identified, especially since rumours are multiplying. Between the people suspected of being Satoshi Nakamoto, and those who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, we find ourselves in a great mystery with no conclusive proof.

This former computer engineer had once worked on secret projects. Although he had initially confessed to being the creator of Bitcoin, he later retracted his confession, saying he did not understand the question, thinking he was being asked about his former activities. The case will conclude with a terse message from the “creator” himself on one of his former Internet accounts: “I’m not Dorian Nakamoto”.

Several investigators studying Satoshi’s writing and linguistics through the “Cryptography Mailing List” document claim that it is Nick Szabo. The latter has denied being the creator of cryptomony, although his imprint in the creation of the fundamental principles of Bitcoin is proven. In the 1990s, he was an active member of the “Cypherpunks” movement, a community of people interested in cryptography who campaigned for digital freedom.

Suspicions then turn to Craig Steven Wright, an Australian entrepreneur in his forties. The latter claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, claims confirmed by Gavin Andersen, one of the directors and main developer of the Bitcoin Foundation, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to standardise, protect and promote the development of the Bitcoin system.

However, the statements of Craig Steven Wright and Gavin Andersen are being questioned by Internet users as well as by major figures in the world of cryptomoney, such as the creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin.

Add to this other more or less far-fetched hypotheses (CIA, Elon Musk, a group of researchers composed of Neal King, Vladimir Oksman and Charles Bry or the consortium of SAmsung, TOSHIba, NAKAmichi and MOTOrola), and the Satoshi Nakamoto mystery remains unfathomable today.

Why did Satoshi Nakamoto create Bitcoin?
Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin in response to the traditional banking system, which is based on fractional reserves, themselves backed by debt. The inventor of Bitcoin makes this clear in the very first block, the Genesis Block, which contains an article, published on 3 January 2009 in the Financial Times, which refers to the British Chancellor’s bailout of the banks for the second time.

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