Real estate investment: a mansion sold via blockchain

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The mansion “AnnA”, located in Boulogne-Billancourt in the Hauts-de-Seine, became today the first building purchased and owned by a company whose shares will be fully digitized via a blockchain.

Here’s how it works: estimated at 6.5 million euros, the property will be purchased by two developers, Valorcim and Sapeb, through a company created for the occasion. The share capital of this company has been digitized – or “tokenized” in the jargon – by a specialized start-up, EquiSafe, and placed on a blockchain called Ethereum. Remember: a blockchain is a kind of digital register, transparent and decentralized, allowing to store and transmit information. It is used, in particular, for the exchange of bitcoins.

And here we go again! Bitcoin’s rise has been exceptional in recent weeks. The cryptocurrency is at $17815 as I write this. This rise is a mystery to me, I can’t explain it and especially can’t understand why bitcoin, like all other crypto-currencies continue to rise in value and even exist while no one can explain what it’s for.

Since 2015, we have been spectators of this speculation. Since 2015, we’ve been trying to understand the use of this cryptocurrency to see if we should participate in the speculation… and since 2015, we don’t understand it at all.

Bitcoin is a UFO that serves no purpose and whose prospects for adoption in a new international monetary system are close to nil, so much so that the political and economic powers have no interest in losing control of money creation.
The great thing about Bitcoin is that the aficionados don’t even make the effort to try to determine a use value to project the future value of this thing.

Since the use value is still unknown, the value of bitcoin is limitless and speculation will stop only at the limits of the imagination.

Estimating the value of a stock is simple and rational: It is a matter of anticipating, discounting the future profits generated by the company.

Estimating the value of a real estate is also relatively simple and rational: It is a mix between the fundamental value of the construction price of a building and the market value of a building lot whose value increases according to the demographic flows and the investment capacities of households.

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